Refurbished servers are becoming more and more popular with users looking for a cheaper alternative to over priced new retail servers. Intelligent Servers offer a large fully configurable range of refurbished rack servers, refurbished blade servers and refurbished tower servers all under one website. Once you've completed the purchase of your refurbished server, you're entitled to our free 3 year hardware replacement warranty and free remote support.

We have a good comprehensive range of refurbished servers to choose from. Starting with the older refurbished Intel Xeon 5400 quad core range at the lower end of the spectrum, all the way up to the much newer refurbished Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 22-core range. All of our refurbished servers have configurable CPU options giving you a large choice of lower end, less power consuming CPU's, all the way up to the performance CPU's giving you maximum core and gigahertz availability.

Once you've chosen which refurbished server you're looking to buy, you can then go on and configure all the possible refurbished IT hardware that the server can support. Refurbished memory options, refurbished hard drives, refurbished array controller pci cards, refurbished storage HBA controllers, refurbished fibre channel pci cards, refurbished nic network interface adaptor pci cards, refurbished power supplies, refurbished battery backed and flash backed controller cache upgrades and if you're purchasing a refurbished rack mount server, then you can choose whether you need refurbished rack mount rails or not.

All of the refurbished IT hardware that you purchase from Intelligent Servers is rigorously testing using either the vendor testing software or other approved third party testing software. To back this up, we cover all of our refurbished IT hardware with our signature 3 year intelligent servers hardware replacement warranty, free of charge! 


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